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Interdisciplinary Conversations/SyMBiosis (2000-2011)

As a cross‐campus facilitator, the Institute serves in part to connect the biological sciences community to other disciplinary communities across campus. It has been instrumental in initiating, catalyzing, or supporting several interdisciplinary initiatives in partnership with faculty/staff from across campus.

Starting in 2000, WISCIENCE (then known as the Center for Biology Education), initiated a series of facilitated cross-disciplinary conversations at UW-Madison to promote learning and integration of foundational math and science for biological sciences students.  Initiatives and partnerships that resulted produced resources and information that may be of help for instructors of the foundational courses as well as for biological sciences educators who wish to build on the content learned in the foundational courses.

Conversations included:

Calculus-Biology Initiative Survey, 2011
Physics for Biology Students, SyMBiosis II
Biology First-Year Interest Groups
SyMBiosis 2000 initiative: Higher Order Thinking in the Sciences

(SyMBiosis= Science and Math for Biology Students)